Added Value

  • Your teacher is from England, so you are taught by a native speaker. Additionally, you are given the benefit of many years’ teaching experience, together with a broad knowledge of different business sectors


  • Automatically, you gain a broader cultural understanding of British culture. You also have an opportunity to understand cultural difference, and learn how to avoid cultural stereotyping


  • Simpatico delivers teaching on ALL levels, from children to adults, from beginners to advanced, from private persons to businesses, intensive English, exam English….the list goes on


  • Flexibility: at Simpatico, we are always ready to deal with your needs and change plans if necessary


  • Specific materials: you receive materials which suit YOU, Simpatico does not provide standard materials for everyone


  • Confidentiality in ALL matters


  • Support for “Red Barnet”: for every 30 hours’ teaching sold, SIMPATICO will donate a percentage of the sale to Red Barnet

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