Online Written English

For those who need to improve their written English in their free time, this is an ideal course. Perhaps you are taking written English exams, need to update your company homepage to English, or simply need to improve your e-mail writing skills – there are absolutely no limits to what you can write about! Courses usually consist of 10 written papers, and you receive a grammar book and full commentary about your mistakes.


  • You automatically gain a larger vocabulary, you learn how sentences are structured and you learn ”everyday English”


  • Academic texts: PhD dissertations, articles, reports, instruction manuals – Simpatico covers a large spectrum from social sciences to medical and technical documents


  • Texts in English for your website: learn to write concisely, precisely and effectively in English


  • IELTS/TOEFL written exams: use Online English to test yourself under timed conditions. Your online paper is a test exam question, and you will receive comments on your structure, argumentation etc.


  • You can use Online English to update you CV and LinkedIn profile. By using English, you have a greater chance of attracting attention from a broader audience


  • Improve your general writing skills: write about articles or your own topics – you decide yourself!


  • E-mail English: use the course to improve your e-mail writing skills. Learn how to answer difficult emails, such as customer complaints. Learn how to be polite, how to deliver important information and learn the difference between British and American English

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