General/Refresher English

Some people need more general English, for example, for conversational English at a conference or trade fair, or for a holiday. Perhaps you connect learning English to when you were a child at school, which is why it can seem a little intimidating to begin again. However, because the teaching method is based on YOUR learning style, needs and preferences, you soon become comfortable.

Courses can be short and intensive, or run over a longer period. You learn from the very basics to a level where you feel you can express yourself with more confidence.


  • Tourist English: ”the basics”: negotiate prices when shopping, know what you are ordering at restaurants, ask for help/directions etc.


  • Learn to communicate effectively with foreign guests: be polite, explain things, make your guests feel welcome


  • Conversational English: what would you talk about to an international colleague in a more social setting, such as at dinner? Life in Denmark, cultural differences, politics – or something completely different? “Small talk” is a way of connecting with other people in an informal way, which can be beneficial for a business relationship


  • Telephone English: learn how to pronounce letters and numbers so you can be understood


  • E-mails: learn the basics in how to structure formal and informal e-mails and make your own templates

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