About Simpatico

My name is Lisa Koustrup, and I am from London, UK. I have lived in Denmark since 2000, so although I am a native English speaker, I am fluent in Danish, too. My educational background is BA Honours in English and Fine Art from Surrey University, UK, and Cand. mag European Studies from Aarhus University. I have taught English to businesses, students and private persons for almost 10 years, and apart from being skilled and experienced, I enjoy teaching very much indeed. This enthusiasm led to me starting my own company, Simpatico, this year.

People often ask me: “Why the name ‘Simpatico’?” My answer is quite simple: I am Simpatico: I am attentive, a good listener and a supportive teacher who can position myself in my student’s shoes. And I always remember: each student has different needs.

My courses are for both individuals and groups, and are intensive and private. Although most of my students are from the business sector, I also teach young people, such as students taking exams. I also teach beginners as well as advanced learners, meaning that I can adapt my teaching to different “learning styles” shaping my approach to suit the individual.

Simpatico offers both businesses and private individuals high quality, seamless English teaching. My values include: patience, attentiveness, flexibility.

For personal reasons, I have chosen to support Red Barnet. This means that for every 30 hours’ English teaching sold, Simpatico will donate a percentage of the sales price to Red Barnet. If you would like to know more about Red Barnet, please look at the weblink: www.redbarnet.dk

I shall certainly look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes

SPØTTRUPVEJ 8, 8300 ODDER ● + 45 42 23 10 66 ● info@simpatico-languages.dk